As a lifelong theater buff, visual thinker, performer and (occasionally) actor, I have always felt at home among stage props, costumes, actors and their craft. So it felt natural—if a bit scary—to try my hand at playwriting.

My newest stage script about the infinitely fascinating lives of Romantic composers will be staged in Philadelphia on January 26th and 27th, 2019, in conjunction with a concert by Fine Art Music Company. It’s a one-actor play featuring Gerhard Denhoff, an incisive and quick-witted 19th century music critic who offers a vibrant first-hand commentary on the music scene at the time and the key characters within it. Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, Wagner—their music was divine; their lives were anything but.

It's been a privilege to work with two very talented pianists, Rollin Wilber and Katarzyna Salwinski, who will perform some of the most beautiful musical selections from the Romantic period. They will be joined by Adelya Shagidullina on the violin and viola and, last but not least, an accomplished actor Robert Edwin in the role of Gerhard Denhoff. An innovative blend of classical music with theater, filled with history, humor and—of course—drama.

Expect the unexpected! Come see for yourself 🎼🎭