Stories of Courage and Hard-Earned Gratitude

In each story presented here, you are going to meet some heros. They are not firefighters, war heroes, saints nor celebrities, yet what they do every day is just as amazing.

Come with me to meet the wonderful people I've encountered. Be moved by their wisdom and their beauty. Walk through the doors they have so graciously opened, both in America and all over the world.

There is a hero within each of us, and it doesn’t require special powers or a Superman cape.

I know you will be inspired by the lives they are leading: simple and poignant, surprising and profound. I hope you are intrigued by the definition of “meaning,” which varies so significantly from person to person. Above all, I hope you share in the joy of focusing on others, and see the positive impact doing so can have.

There is a hero within each of us, and it doesn't require special powers or a Superman cape. Opportunities abound: some of them are obvious and easy, others seem like impossible feats. It is up to us to see their potential and to draw our strength from within. 

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Selected Stories

Chapter I: Call Me Doctor

Story: Sonata For a Father

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Chapter II: It's All About Dignity

Story: The Gentlest Lesson

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